Northside Specific Plan to include SPANISH TOWN concept!

Northside Specific Plan to include SPANISH TOWN concept!

Northside Specific Plan Consultants Rick Engineering are proposing three “Spanish Town” developments after receiving input from a series of community meetings.  Plans A, B & C each have their pros and cons.  Once a plan is chosen, it will be sent to several committees before going to City Council for approval.  It is important that Spanish Town Heritage Foundation and its supporters move forward together and reject all three current proposals.

Our vision has always been to see the Adobe stay in its current location and includes a recreated Trujillo School, Cantina, and Church/chapel,  agricultural plots and zanjes (irrigation ditches) along with an interpretive center, retail, dining and small vendors.

This would be a combination of elements of the current proposed plans.

Stand with us!!  Send your comments to before 11/2/17.  Please feel free to call or email regarding this matter.


Spanish Town Concepts for Northside Specific Plan

Plan A

Building A is the Trujillo Adobe.  This concept assumes availability of the parcels directly in front of the Adobe along Center Street.  The long grey path with small white boxes is a gravel path from the proposed Retail/Dining (D) and Interaction Center (H) with educational kiosks (white boxes) along the way.

Plan B

Building A is a RECREATED ADOBE in a different spot.  Spanish Town Heritage Foundation DOES NOT SUPPORT the recreating/moving of the Adobe, however, the plaza area that includes agricultural plots, the recreated Trujillo School and Cantina are worth consideration!  This concept assumes land availability on the opposite side of Center Street currently occupied.

Plan C

Building A is the Trujillo Adobe.  This concept assumes availability of currently occupied land behind the Adobe and does not include recreations of the Trujillo School nor the Cantina but does include small vendors.


Spanish Town is a small but important part of the Northside Specific Plan.  The overarching plan for the Northside as a whole comes in three concepts as well–Concepts A, B & C each containing a Spanish Town area.  We are sharing them with you for your consideration.  The Spanish Town area is the small brown triangular area in the upper right hand corner of each concept.  Northside community group, Springbrook Heritage Alliance (SHA), has voted to reject all three plans.   You can see SHA’s proposed Northside Plan on their Facebook page–Springbrook Heritage Alliance.   Spanish Town Heritage Foundation supports SHA knowing that work needs to be done to find common ground.  Please review and send your comments to by 11/2/17.

Concept A
Concept B
Concept C

Our thanks to Brian Mooney and his colleagues at Rick Engineering for providing the plans and inviting community input on the plan!

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